Performance DNA


Human performance genetic testing designed to put you and your goals at the center. Our partner ATHLETIGEN is ready to help you define the outcome of all your effort. Understand what is truly important to you and how your genetics can change the result of all your efforts. Our Athletigen DNA Performance packages will help you get more out of your everyday and ensure that you are maximize your energy, increase performance, give your body the nutrition it deserves, and reduce injuries.

American Football Stadium


The complete DNA Package for any athlete looking to perform at the peak of their potential. This package includes insights into speed, power, strength, nutrition, recovery and the psychology of your genetics. Complete with video insights, over 77 genetic traits and 105 pages of content about you - The Athlete. This Package includes the Altis Performance Report, the Optimum Movement and Recovery Report, and the Nutrition Report.


Life Performance DNA Profile

Everyday we strive to improve our quality of life. The Life Performance Package is designed to provide insights to make everyday and goal that much closer. Spend your time moving in the direction you want to perform. Your life, your health, your genetics. This package includes the Optimum Movement Recovery Report and the Nutrition Report, so you can win everyday.

Diet Apples


At the center of your universe, you are what you eat. To be your best, understand the nutritional insights which fuel you everyday. Give yourself the opportunity to eat your best.