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Jesse Earley


Head Performance Coach

Coach Earley has inspired many young athletes and individuals on their quest for greatness. 

Jesse Earley, graduate of University of Alberta in Physical Education, has been a performance coach with RVX for five years. Jesse completed phase 1 & 2 of EXOS performance specialist certification in Phoenix and Germany. He continues to grow as a performance coach and completed the Precision Nutrition Sport Nutrition certificate, Functional Movement Screen Certification and a business marketing course.

Sports and physical fitness have always been a huge part of his life. Throughout his life he has played every sport that was offered, including competitive soccer and volleyball. Jesse enjoys coaching athletes and seeing them consistently improve different factors of their fitness. Jesse is passionate about furthering his education in high performance coaching, in order to ensure his athletes are receiving the best training. Although he doesn’t like to brag Jesse is the reigning spike ball champ in the gym as well NHL champ (PS4) and will always take on challengers.

Get to know the coach:

Nick Name: Just Jesse! (just make sure you spell it right. There’s no I [Jessie])

Favourite Food: Depends who's asking... Professional setting it’s quinoa, otherwise it’s peanut butter

Favorite Team: Edmonton Oilers

Favourite Quote: If you're not first you’re last (yeah I'm competitive)

What did you want to be when you grew up: Professional Athlete (any sport really)

Superhero of Choice: Iron Man (who wouldn't want all that money)

If you could have a superpower what would it be? Transportation (could use some warm weather during my breaks)

One thing on your bucket list: Swim with Sharks 

Your Pump Up Jam: Eminem - Lose Yourself

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