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Ryan Vigneau


Director of Human Performance

RV has been involved in Sports Performance nearly half his life. Although, just a short time he’s managed to master the importance of human performance and worked with Olympic medallists, professional athletes, and consults for national and international development programs. Ryan has been elemental in developing other high performance training facilities and development of life shaping obesity projects.

As a continual life learner, Ryan has done mentorships through ALTIS ACP and EXOS Performance Mentorships and numerous other certifications and workshops. A big part of Ryan's continuing education centers around collaborations with many of the world's elite performance coaches.

He is the owner and director of RVXFactor, member of the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists, member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a highly sought after university mentor, Stroops Master Instructor, subject matter expert of strength and conditioning for BioSteel Sports Supplements international, exercise expert for TDF Sports, and the first Athletigen Human Genetics Performance Coach. Ryan has presented globally on sport and human performance. Most recently Coach RV presented at IHRSA 2017 in Mexico City and IDEA World Convention 2018 in San Diego, California.


Performance Week Mexico - Leon, Mexico 2015

Stroops VITL Certifications - Mexico City, Mexico (2016, 2018), Camarillo, California (2016)

IHRSA 2017 - Mexico City, Mexico

IDEA World Convention 2018 - San Diego, California

NSCA Alberta Regional Clinic June 2018 - Calgary, Alberta

NSCA Alberta Regional Clinic June 2019 - Edmonton, Alberta

Get to know the coach:

Nick Name: RV, Dad

Favorite Food: BBQ Cheeseburgers, but I'd never turn down a pizza

Favorite Team: Montreal Canadiens

Favorite Quote: I'm just here to win.

What did you want to be when you grew up: Professional Baseball Player

Superhero of Choice: Superman

If you could have a super power what would it be? I'd want to be able to fly. Then I'd never have to worry about missing my flight. The sky is the limit.

One thing on your bucket list: Going on a safari to find a real lion

Your Pump Up Jam: PANTERA - WALK

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