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Team Training

Team training with a focus on improving the individual athlete. Our team training systems are designed specifically to educate athletes, develop confidence, team cohesiveness, and athletic advantage. Our goal, incorporates progressive strategies to help your team win. But winning isn’t everything, our focus is educating athletes for future athletic and life performance. Team training isn’t just about this season, it’s about providing the athletes with the understanding to be able to continuously improve themselves both in sport and life.

"We have been delighted with the RVX training experience. It has complemented our soccer training by helping to teach the kids about many facets that undergird soccer performance including body mechanics related to speed, transition, and balance. The boys have not only gained a better understanding of technique but have also begun to learn to appreciate the hard work and discipline that go into improving their performance. In the context of gameplay, I have begun to see RVX training payoff especially in their ability to change direction more quickly and effectively and to track back to defend."


        Coach - U12 Drillers Soccer 

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